First Week Schedule

Our first day back is August 17th. This day students will get to work with their advisors and select their courses for the first semester. (See for schedules).  This will be done through a virtual format. The times each grade level will need to check in to meet with their advisors are listed below. You will receive an email from your student’s advisor by August 13th with more detailed information. In the meantime, please plan to be ready during your student’s slotted grade level time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 907-742-4950.

8:00-9:00AM 8th Graders

9:00-10:30AM 7th Graders

10:30-11:30AM 12th Graders

11:30AM-12:30PM 11th Graders

12:30-1:00PM Lunch

1:00-2:00PM 10th Graders

2:00-3:00PM 9th graders

Wednesday August 18th – Meeting with Advisors – In Person

8:30AM-2:05PM: Students will meet with Advisors for the day. 

Lunch will be 11:45AM-12:40PM

Thursday August 19th – Meeting with Grade Level Groups – In Person

8:30AM-2:05PM: Teachers will meet with Grade Level Groups for the day. 

Lunch will be 11:45AM-12:40PM

Friday August 20th – First day of class w/ modified schedule – In person

Students will have an opportunity to visit every class.

1st Period – 8:30-9:15AM

2nd Period – 9:20-10:00AM

3rd Period – 10:05- 10:45AM

4th Period – 10:50-11:40AM

LUNCH – 11:40AM-12:40PM

5th Period – 12:40-1:20PM

6th Period – 1:25-2:05PM

7th Period – 2:10-3:30PM – Open for clubs, teacher assistance, conferences with staff

From Steller Office