How to Get Involved in the Steller Community


Monday, September 6, 2021

Steller Volunteer Opportunities 

The Steller Philosophy is built on the idea of having input from the Three Pillars: Students, Staff, and Parents& Guardians.  There are many opportunities for community members – including students – to get involved in Steller Parent Group. 

Parent Group       

The mission of the Steller Parent Group is to promote involvement in school activities, to solicit address, and make recommendations regarding issues and polies facing the Steller Community, and to support fundraising activities and facilitate the disbursement of those funds. 

Steller Parent Group meet the second Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Watch for the announcements on the Steller Flash (email announcements).  You can find meeting agendas and minutes on this website.  There are a number of open positions including the leadership team and committees.

Adults and students are encouraged to check out the volunteer form below for specific roles, but also to just put your name down to be notified when we have specific one time needs.

2021-2022 Volunteer Form

In addition to joining the leadership team, we need members-at-large  to join:

  • Steller Finance Committee – one student, one member at large, meets the week before SPG meeting via Zoom, to review requests for funding. About an hour a month
  • SPG Website Content Writers – one adult and few students to write a few posts a month about what is happening around Steller.  Topics include – introducing staff and students, “the Steller Way” and discussing the Steller Philosophy. Details to be worked out by volunteers. 


School Hosted Events and Activities

Occasionally SPG will help recruit volunteers for school lead activities like the following:

  • Intensives       
  • Talent Show and Dessert Potluck and Winter Prom  TBA
  • Open House and Ice Cream Social  TBA
  • Steller Olympics TBA
  • Spring Prom TBA
  • Zoom Dances   TBA


Souper Steller, Field trips, Steller Directory, Website updating, admin and phone support for the office or parent group, library, yearbook proofreading and of course helping the teachers when requested!

Save the Date:

  • First SPG meeting – Tuesday, September 14, 6:00 to 7:30 VIA ZOOM
  • Back to School Night – TBA
  • Grade level Social Nights for parents & guardians – TBA

Updated September 4, 2021