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Welcome to the NEW Steller Flash

Hello Steller parents/guardians, students and staff.  Welcome to the updated website run by Steller Parent Group. 

The purpose of this website is to provide information to prospective students about Steller, highlight student achievements, and provide up to date information about SPG activities, OpGroup advisory information, school events, and other relevant information as submitted by community members. Our goal is to have at least one member of every family, and every staff member, subscribed so that no one misses out on important information. 

Please note the SPG Website/Flash is meant to complement the district website asdk12.org/steller and emails sent directly from the office.  For official communication from the school and district please visit Q to update your contact information and settings to receive their communications via email, text or call. 

Here is a quick tour of what you can find on the SPG website:

  1. Parents: Everything you need to know about Steller Parent Group – Welcome from the Chair, FAQ, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Volunteer Sign Up, and how to make a request for funding. 
  2. Student Showcase: We will highlight student work and accomplishments here.  We welcome submissions from teachers, parents/guardians and students themselves for accomplishments both in and out of school. 
  3. Sign up for the NEW Steller Flash to receive updates right to your inbox. 
  4. Submit article: we welcome article submissions from anyone in the community. 
  5. Donate directly Steller Parent Group to support Steller students.  Find out more about how money is used under  the “Support Steller” tab. 
  6. Steller Flash can be found here – this is what you will receive in your inbox when you subscribe to Steller Flash.  Our goal is to send updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
  7. You can also follow the OpGroup Instagram Account directly from this website. 

If this is your first time receiving a Flash update we encourage you to visit the site, and spend some time reading previous posts so that you are current about what is happening around school.

If you are new to Steller you might find the information under “Prospective Students” interesting background about the school’s history and philosophy. 

If you have subscribed to the NEW Steller Flash in the last three weeks, but haven’t received this “Welcome to the NEW Steller Flash” in your inbox your email client may be filtering or blocking our emails. Email clients like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo filter incoming messages into spam or junk folders to keep unwanted mail out of inboxes. Unfortunately, these filters sometimes mistakenly move legitimate messages like the NEW Steller Flash into the wrong folder, which means subscribers sometimes miss out on important information.  This article from Mailchimp has good suggestions on how to fix this problem depending on what client you use. 

We also encourage you to join our private Facebook Parent Group, follow our public Steller Secondary Facebook Page, and follow the OpGroup Instagram account

Warm regards,

Kirsten Tschofen 

Steller Parent Group Chair 

#StellerGives: Steller Garden

I did a lot of shovelling!

My name is Ezra and I am in 8th grade at Steller. This summer I volunteered at the Seeds of Change Steller garden. I did a few various tasks, such as weeding, watering, and spreading wood chips. I went once a week for an hour to leave the house and socialize with other humans. It was a good experience because it was fun and I learned some basic gardening skills. I also liked that I got to bring home fresh vegetables like lettuce and cauliflower. 

We made wood signs for the gardens.

Hi, my name is Eli and I am a current Senior at Steller Secondary. I’ve been to a lot of different schools over my high school journey, and I have always tried to connect with the community as much as I could. When the pandemic began, most community events were canceled. Over the summer I saw Seeds of Change was re-starting the Steller garden, something I had never seen during my limited time at the school (I had joined Junior year). Volunteering at the garden every Wednesday over the summer gave me something to do during the monotony of quarantine life. In addition, not only did it provide me new skills in gardening I had never learned before, but it taught me soft skills such as long term planning and cooperation with others. 

Thank you Eli and Ezra for your work in Steller Garden this summer.  We are glad you enjoyed yourselves and learned something new! 

Steller Parent Group

To learn more about #StellerGives and how you can share how you give back to the community please see here. 



#StellerGives: Seeds of Change


Seeds of Change volunteers on the far left and right, with Steller students Ezra, Eli and Logan.

This summer Alaska Seeds of Change  and Steller partnered to reclaim the Steller Peace Garden.

Alaska Seeds of Change works with young people ages 16-24 to help them develop the vocational and personal skills needed to become successful adults. Most staff initially start at Seeds as apprentices, by volunteering for school credit or through an apprenticeship program with one of our partner agencies.

The first step was building lasagna beds on top of the old weed filled beds, and from there we planted the garden and maintained it all summer. 

In addition we were able to plant about 10 apple trees that were donated from a community member (he’s also interested in adding lots more trees if the Steller community is interested). 

We harvested lots of good veggies over the summer that were taken home by Steller students and staff/apprentices at Seeds of Change.  We even had a neighborhood veggie “pirate” that would harvest things periodically.  They seemed to know what they were doing and we figured that they needed the food so we decided it was a way to feed our local community. 

One of the highlights for me was being able to support the youth in making the garden their own and helping them take on projects.

We didn’t realize that we would be running the garden in a pandemic but it turned out to be a great way for Steller students to connect in person while following CDC guidelines to minimize the spread of Covid.  Many students said that this was one of the few ways that they were able to get out of the house and see people.   

Last year we were able to acquire funding through a grant from the Whole Kids Foundation.  We are yet to determine our funding for next year’s program.  If anybody has any ideas we have estimated that about $2,000 would cover the basics of running the garden next year.     

Kelly Ballantyne

Seeds of Change 

Thank you to Seeds of Change for the important role you play supporting the youth of our community, and to all the volunteers from Steller that helped out through the summer.  

If you would like to learn more about Seeds of Change, find out how to volunteer, or donate to support their work visit their website here.

To learn more about #StellerGives and how you can share how you give back to the community please see here. 


#StellerGives: Alana P.

This photo is from me volunteering at the mobile food bank on Saturday 11/21/20 in Fairview.

Hi, I’m seventeen year old Alana Rose P. I am a junior at Steller Secondary this year. For the past four years I have volunteered through the Foodbank of Alaska to help run the monthly mobile food banks in Fairview here in Anchorage. I have also volunteered at the Thanksgiving Blessing, GRIT ( Girls. Ridding. Into Tomorrow) Anchorage. This is two days out of the week for eight weeks in the spring. Most recently I have volunteered with Anchorage Teen Council, which is a group dedicated to providing an educational sex ed experiance for ASD students. We meet once a week plus extra days for teaching.

I also volunteer through Steller as well, helping with the Steller Auction, Steller NHS President, TPC member, Op Group Sergeant at Arms and Yearbook director for the Steller yearbook. I have also helped run almost every dance at Steller since my 7th grade year. 

I find it very fulfilliing to give back to the people that gave the most to me. All these programs and resources have helped me or given me people to help support me through my home, academic, and social life. I wanna help build that same community for others since I know it was the fundamental building blocks of who I am today, I feel I do that through volunteering  I know I’m making a difference in my community. 


Steller Junior

We are so proud of all the work you do to make your community a better place! Well done Alana. 

To learn more about #StellerGives, and submit your own stories about yourself, or someone you know who should be recognized, visit here. 

Launch of Updated SPG Website & NEW Flash Subscription List

We are pleased to launch a new updated website by and for Steller families.  The intent of this site is to complement the District website. 

Visitors to our site will be able to find information for prospective students and what makes Steller special.

The blog feed is where you can find up to date information relevant to our community:

  • Updates on Steller Parent Group Activities
  • OpGroup Advisory information
  • Important dates to remember 
  • School announcements
  • Information relevant to the Steller community like external events and activities, or performances. 
  • We are especially happy to celebrate student accomplishments! 

Don’t miss out on this important information! Sign up the the NEW Steller Flash Subscription list and get new posts sent right to your email! 

Under the PARENTS menu you will find:

  • FAQ about Steller Parent Group
  • SPG Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes
  • Volunteer opportunities and Sign Up Genius
  • Documents for Requests for Funding

In the RIGHT SIDEBAR your will find:

  • A NEW Subscribe button to receive Steller Flash Updates right to your inbox (anything that gets posted here).  We are creating a NEW list, so please make sure you visit the site and subscribe, even if you have in the past.
  • A link to send requests to post in Steller Flash 
  • A PayPal button to donate to Steller Parent Group
  • The OpGroup Instagram feed 

Under the STUDENT SHOWCASE menu your will find:

  • Student work submitted by Steller staff and students themselves.  
  • We are looking forward to posting art, videos, music, poetry, photography, and so much more.  Please send your submission via the Flash link on the right sidebar.

NEW Steller Student Directory

On Friday November 13 we will be launching our Steller Online Student Directory at steller.ptboard.com. The directory will be accessible from the Steller Parent Group Website or directly from steller.ptboard.org and is available to all students attending Steller Secondary. 

Adding your students to the directory is easy. Please also make sure your student has their grade and advisory included so people can search you more easily. We hope this will help students and families keep in contact with each other, especially during this time of social distancing and online learning.  

 Here is how to add yourself to the Directory:

  1. Go to steller.ptboard.com
  2. Create an account using the access code CGYJAU
  3. Log in and add information for each student that attends Steller
  4. Make sure you check “include in directory” box
  5. SPG will confirm your data and approve your entry
  6. Download the ptboard app

You can update your information anytime by logging in.  Please remove yourself if you leave the school.  Students will be rolled over to the next grade in May of each year. 

*Once you enter your information it will be visible to anyone with access to the directory.  We cannot guarantee this will only be members of the school community. 

*Steller Directory is solely for the personal use of students and their families – don’t share the code! The website and directory are not to be used in order to advertise goods, services or events unless approved by SPG.  This includes generating customer mailing or email lists. 

We are so excited to be able to offer this Student Directory to Steller families and look forward to it launching next week!

Kirsten Tschofen