Yearbooks: Everything You Need to Know!

Cover Contest- Steller students remember the deadline for the cover contest is Nov. 3rd. All submissions must be sent in before 12 am Sunday the 3rd. Please make your art on a normal size piece of paper. The winner will get a free yearbook. Please contact Bonnie with any questions.

Out of School Activities – Please send your out of school activities photos in for our out of school activities page. These photos could include sports, outdoor activities, and much more. Please also include a description of what you are doing.

Pets page– Yearbook also needs photos of you and your pets for the yearbook.

Band and Orchestra– Band and orchestra students please send photos from both classes. Yearbook needs them for the band and orchestra pages.

Seniors Portraits pages– Seniors, please remember portraits and pages are due February 1st. Yearbook recommends sending them in sooner rather than later in case any issues may occur.

Please send all photos to the yearbooks official email.