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Wanted: Yearbook Photos!

Hello steller families! 

As finals week is coming close to an end so is the upcoming deadlines for Yearbook.

We are close to the 45% mark for portraits turned in! We would love to have 100% participation if possible from the Steller community. This means in the next 4 days we need 55% of the portraits turned in to reach our goals. Currently yearbook needs 170 portraits.  At the bottom of an email a guideline has been given to help take the portrait photos at home. 

Yearbook is also in dire need of out-of-school activities photos, homemade mask photos, siblings, best friends (with stuffed animals), and transportation photos.

Please submit your photos before December 20th!

 If you have any questions about submissions please let us know. 

The price of yearbooks will be going up soon as well, make sure to get those ordered here.

The price will go up January 1st to $50 a book. 

After the break, we will be looking for student art photos, home study area photos,  and many more. If you already have photos that fit these categories feel free to send them in early! 

We wish all Steller community members a healthy and happy winter break. 

Yearbook committee

A note from SPG : The yearbook committee consists of a handful of staff and students  (who are volunteering their time).  Many ASD schools aren’t going to have a yearbook at all, so we at Steller are so lucky that people have stepped up to do this for us!  The volunteers still have many steps to do to properly record each photo into the yearbook software after they receive them. So waiting until the last minute means more work for them during the holidays. Let’s help them out!

Please email your photos to yearbookstellersecondary@gmail.com or opgsml@gmail.com with your name, grade, advisory and theme your photo is for.


Winner of Free Yearbook!

Hey Steller, just a reminder that Yearbook still needs photo submissions!

Congratulations to Ravyn C. in 9th grade for submitting a portrait by December 9th.  You won the draw, and will receive a FREE YEARBOOK. Contact yearbookstellersecondary@gmail.com to make sure you receive your book. 

We have about 1/3rd of the staff and student portraits needed for this year’s yearbook. Please submit ASAP to yearbookstellersecondary@gmail.com

Yearbook also still needs
* Portraits!¡!
* Sibling photos
* Out of school activities
* Best friends with your favorite stuffed animal friends
* Transportation photos

Yearbook greatly appreciates all the hard work that Steller’s community has already put into the yearbook, but please help us make it complete by including every student possible.

Thanks, Alana P Yearbook Director

#StellerGives: National Honors Society


Steller’s chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) is a service oriented organization.  Membership is by invitation and is open to academically inclined students who are interested in giving back to their community.  Brian Gehring serves as the NHS advisor.

This year, NHS students have focused on helping prevent food insecurity.  They have spent time volunteering with the Mobile Food Bank and the Thanksgiving Blessing event.  This valuable work has involved packing food items in boxes and lending their strong backs to the work of moving the boxes along the supply chain to those in need.

NHS students have also been able to establish and support a Steller Homework Club.  The Homework Club initiative has been valuable for students needing support with academic tutoring and to those seeking help to improve their study skills and study habits. 

National Honor Society is open to all Sophomores that have earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Invitations are sent to qualifying students after the completion of their first semester.  Members in good standing must attend regularly scheduled meetings and complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service.

If you think you might enjoy joining our organization, we would appreciate your support and contributions.    

Submitted by the National Honours Society

Thank you to all the students that participate in the NHS.  We are proud of the work you do to make Steller, and Anchorage a better place to live!   

Want to join the #StellerGives campaign?

Let’s celebrate the contributions we all make – big and small – and accept the challenge to show our generosity in a variety of ways during the #StellerGives campaign from November 11 to December 1!

Send your #StellerGives photos to opgsml@gmail.com with your first and last name, grade, and a short description of what you are doing or the charity/cause you support to be posted on Flash, the Steller Instagram account, and this year’s yearbook. 

Then follow @steller_s_official to see how others in our community are contributing! 

Steller Parent Group


Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the Halloween Costume contest! 

Congratulations to  our winners:

First Place: Kai R. (12) as the Invisible Man

Second Place: Eli P. (12) as the Lord of the Spiders

Third place: Naomi H. (7) as Tooth Fairy

We are still looking for Halloween costume photos for yearbook! Submit with your first and last name, grade, and costume title to opgsml@gmail.com to be included in the Yearbook! 

Eli Pelletier

Social Media Liaison

Individual Yearbook Photos Due December 20

Hey Steller! 

Sadly, there will be no school-run picture day before we need student portraits for the yearbook, so we are requesting students take their own from the safety of their homes. The picture above has guidelines to help you get the best picture – remember portraits need to be in portrait mode (vertical)! 

If families have photos of their middle school Steller students practicing safe social distancing with masks on, please send them in to yearbook for the Steller introduction page!

If you or your Steller student is participating in a out of school activity, such as a sport or outdoor recreating, please submit a photo of them doing that activity as well. 

All photo submissions need to be sent to opgsml@gmail.com and include your first and last name, grade, and advisory. Please put “Portrait” “Mask” or “Activity” in your subject line. These photos will only be used for the Yearbook and must be received by December 20 to be included. 

Thanks for reading,

Alana P. Yearbook director. 

See here for a flyer from Fitzgerald Photography.