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Welcome to the NEW Steller Flash

Hello Steller parents/guardians, students and staff.  Welcome to the updated website run by Steller Parent Group. 

The purpose of this website is to provide information to prospective students about Steller, highlight student achievements, and provide up to date information about SPG activities, OpGroup advisory information, school events, and other relevant information as submitted by community members. Our goal is to have at least one member of every family, and every staff member, subscribed so that no one misses out on important information. 

Please note the SPG Website/Flash is meant to complement the district website asdk12.org/steller and emails sent directly from the office.  For official communication from the school and district please visit Q to update your contact information and settings to receive their communications via email, text or call. 

Here is a quick tour of what you can find on the SPG website:

  1. Parents: Everything you need to know about Steller Parent Group – Welcome from the Chair, FAQ, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Volunteer Sign Up, and how to make a request for funding. 
  2. Student Showcase: We will highlight student work and accomplishments here.  We welcome submissions from teachers, parents/guardians and students themselves for accomplishments both in and out of school. 
  3. Sign up for the NEW Steller Flash to receive updates right to your inbox. 
  4. Submit article: we welcome article submissions from anyone in the community. 
  5. Donate directly Steller Parent Group to support Steller students.  Find out more about how money is used under  the “Support Steller” tab. 
  6. Steller Flash can be found here – this is what you will receive in your inbox when you subscribe to Steller Flash.  Our goal is to send updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
  7. You can also follow the OpGroup Instagram Account directly from this website. 

If this is your first time receiving a Flash update we encourage you to visit the site, and spend some time reading previous posts so that you are current about what is happening around school.

If you are new to Steller you might find the information under “Prospective Students” interesting background about the school’s history and philosophy. 

If you have subscribed to the NEW Steller Flash in the last three weeks, but haven’t received this “Welcome to the NEW Steller Flash” in your inbox your email client may be filtering or blocking our emails. Email clients like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo filter incoming messages into spam or junk folders to keep unwanted mail out of inboxes. Unfortunately, these filters sometimes mistakenly move legitimate messages like the NEW Steller Flash into the wrong folder, which means subscribers sometimes miss out on important information.  This article from Mailchimp has good suggestions on how to fix this problem depending on what client you use. 

We also encourage you to join our private Facebook Parent Group, follow our public Steller Secondary Facebook Page, and follow the OpGroup Instagram account

Warm regards,

Kirsten Tschofen 

Steller Parent Group Chair 

Subscribe to NEW Steller Flash list by Wednesday!

Update from Steller Parent Group

Dear Steller Community,

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the NEW Steller Flash list.  We already have 104 subscriptions! Our goal is to have at least one member of every family, and every staff member, subscribed so that no one misses out on important information. If you haven’t already, please visit the website and enter your email address in the Subscribe box (at the bottom of the page on your phone, or to the right on a computer). We will discontinue the old list on Wednesday, November 25.

To learn more about how Steller Parent Group communicates with you please visit here

Student Directory is a new online directory for parents, students and staff to be able to contact each other directly. You must create an account and add your information using the access code CGYJAU when prompted. Add the information for each student and then download the app to be able to access contact information from anywhere. 

The next Steller Parent Group Meeting is on Tuesday, December 8 6:00 to 7:30 via Zoom.  All parents/guardians, staff and students are automatically part of SPG and we welcome your participation. If you would like the link please email chairstellerparentgroup@gmail.com. For Meeting Minutes and Agendas please visit here. 

As always, we are happy to hear from you at stellerparentgroup@gmail.com

Warm regards,

Kirsten Tschofen

Chair, SPG 

*Please note the SPG website/Flash is meant to complement the district website asdk12.org/steller.  For official communication from the school and district please visit Q to update your contact information and settings to receive their communications via email, text or call. 




Launch of Updated SPG Website & NEW Flash Subscription List

We are pleased to launch a new updated website by and for Steller families.  The intent of this site is to complement the District website. 

Visitors to our site will be able to find information for prospective students and what makes Steller special.

The blog feed is where you can find up to date information relevant to our community:

  • Updates on Steller Parent Group Activities
  • OpGroup Advisory information
  • Important dates to remember 
  • School announcements
  • Information relevant to the Steller community like external events and activities, or performances. 
  • We are especially happy to celebrate student accomplishments! 

Don’t miss out on this important information! Sign up the the NEW Steller Flash Subscription list and get new posts sent right to your email! 

Under the PARENTS menu you will find:

  • FAQ about Steller Parent Group
  • SPG Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes
  • Volunteer opportunities and Sign Up Genius
  • Documents for Requests for Funding

In the RIGHT SIDEBAR your will find:

  • A NEW Subscribe button to receive Steller Flash Updates right to your inbox (anything that gets posted here).  We are creating a NEW list, so please make sure you visit the site and subscribe, even if you have in the past.
  • A link to send requests to post in Steller Flash 
  • A PayPal button to donate to Steller Parent Group
  • The OpGroup Instagram feed 

Under the STUDENT SHOWCASE menu your will find:

  • Student work submitted by Steller staff and students themselves.  
  • We are looking forward to posting art, videos, music, poetry, photography, and so much more.  Please send your submission via the Flash link on the right sidebar.